27.02.2014- 05.03.2014

Distance driven: 329km

Days spent: 6

Distance driven/day: 54,83km

Diesel price: 0,94€/l

Money spent: 169€

Costs/day: 28€

Costs/km: 0,51€


We got our visas in Accra (Ghana). The embassy (N5 34.559 W0 10.698) is located away from other diplomatic representations but easily reached via the Ring Road. A one month single entry visa costs 35.000CFA (53,30€) and we were told that it is not possible to pay in another currency. We arrived late in the afternoon and bargained hard to pay an extra 10Cedi/person (2,90€) to get the visas issued immediately. Two identical forms had to be filled out and 2 passports photos handed over.


We saw the Togolese as very open and friendly people. The Western Highlands coming from Wli in Ghana were beautiful and with more time we would have spent a few days in the area. Lomé is a fairly manageable city for being a capital with more motorbikes than cars on the roads.


The border crossing at Wli took a bit more than an hour without any troubles.


Gabon visa:

The embassy (N6 10.832 E1 14.087) is located in the north of Lomé. A one month single entry visa costs 50.000CFA (76,20€) and can be picked up the following afternoon. For an extra 15.000CFA (23€) they issue it on the same day. Applications have to be handed in between 8 and 11:30 on weekdays. 2 passport photos (white background), passport copy, Togo visa copy, yellow fever certificate copy and hotel reservation (e.g., can usually be cancelled free of charge) are necessary and you have to fill out one application form. Date of entry can be chosen freely.


Republic of Congo visa:

The embassy (N6 10.105 E1 12.460) is reached over a very rough track in an area where you would not expect a diplomatic representation to be located. They issue visas while you wait and the date of entry can be chosen freely. A 15 day single entry visa costs 60.000CFA (91,50€) and a 3 month multiple entry visa 80.000CFA (122€). Two passport photos, passport copy and copies of at least 3 African visas are necessary as well as completing one application form.


DRC visa:

The embassy (N6 08.764 E1 12.677) was a bit tricky to find and is located near the hospital. It is run by a lovely family and the husband speaks English. A one month single entry visa costs 40.000CFA (61€), can be picked up the following day and you state the approximate date of entry but it is supposedly valid from any date of entry. To be able to apply you need to become a Togolese resident and their son usually sorts that out for you. Costs are 12.500CFA per person (19€). It might be a bit cheaper to organize yourself at a police office. Apart from that you need two passport photos, passport copy and yellow fever certificate copy as well as one filled out application form.


Recommended Campings (prices for 2 people and a 4×4):


Chez Alice, Lomé – N6 10.086 E1 20.403

Popular overlander meeting spot run by the lovely 70 year old Alice with live music on weekends and Wiener Schnitzel on the menu, free wifi

2000CFA/night (3,05€)