Ivory Coast


Distance driven: 931km

Days spent: 3

Distance driven/day: 310,33km

Diesel price: 0,94€/l

Money spent: 262€

Costs/day: 87,50€

Costs/km: 0,28€


We got our visas in Monrovia (Liberia). The Ivory Coast embassy (N6 17.397 W10 46.712) is located near Congo Town together with diplomatic institutions of several other countries. The secretary was a very kind woman and we only had to fill out one form, hand in 2 passport photos and pay 69US$/person for a 1 month single entry visa valid from desired date. We could pick up our visas on the next day in the afternoon. Theoretically the price is the same for a 3 day till 3 month visa.


We fell in love with Ivory Coast almost immediately as the people were as welcoming and kind as the Guineans. The western region was scenically the most interesting with dense forests and some hills. Man is a relaxed hillside town famous for its weavers. The Basilica in Yamoussoukro is an impressive copy of the St. Peter’s Dome in Rome and the highest church of the world. Abidjan surprised us with its high rise buildings and modernity and we would have liked to spend a few days there. Grand Bassam has some colonial buildings to show but is apart from that catering more for the wealthy expats arriving from Abidjan on weekends.

At most checkpoints we were simply waved through and the odd request for a cadeau was totally harmless.


The border crossing at Kpantianplay was easy, quick and friendly without any charges.


Recommended Campings (prices for 2 people and a 4×4):


Hotel Les Cascades, Man – N7 24.351 W7 32.655

Located near the market on a hill where weavers practice their trade, friendly staff, very good value restaurant

They let us camp for free in the car park and we offered to eat in the restaurant, please do the same!