Distance driven: 865km

Days spent: 4

Distance driven/day: 216,25km

Diesel price: 0,72€/l

Money spent: 276€

Costs/day: 69€

Costs/km: 0,32€


We got our visas in Lomé (Togo). The embassy (N6 10.832 E1 14.087) is located in the north of Lomé. A one month single entry visa costs 50.000CFA (76,20€) and can be picked up the following afternoon. For an extra 15.000CFA (23€) they issue it on the same day. Applications have to be handed in between 8 and 11:30 on weekdays. 2 passport photos (white background), passport copy, Togo visa copy, yellow fever certificate copy and hotel reservation (e.g., can usually be cancelled free of charge) are necessary and you have to fill out one application form. Date of entry can be chosen freely.


When entering the country we were surprised by the apparent wealth of it with modern cars on the roads and automatically adjusting solar panels next to buildings. There are very few people living in Gabon so you have the magnificent rain forest that covers most of it all for yourself. We visited the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in relaxed Lambarene and were lucky to get a tour of the place instead of going into the museum which was closed for lunch. The road through the country is now almost completely tarmac all the way to Moulila. From there a reasonable piste leads to the border with the Republic of Congo.


The border crossing from Cameroon was relaxed and friendly and we were allowed to camp on a large tarmac area on the Cameroon side the night before. Unfortunately all the different immigration processes are located at different places. The only one you might accidentally miss would be the immigration office (N2 04.763 E11 29.549) in Bitam where we had to deal with a right prick. A copy of your passport and Gabon visa is demanded here.


Recommended Campings (prices for 2 people and a 4×4):


Albert Schweitzer Museum, Lambarene – S0 40.748 E10 13.831

Camping on the level car park of the museum, very friendly, bad ablutions

We were allowed to stay for free