About us



First of all there is Jasmine, a 25 year old Swede keen to see the world. She has dreamed about traveling to Australia for many years and once she has been there her itchy feet only got worse. She is the artistic, sometimes dreamy part of our adventure and handles problems usually with a lot of patience. On the contrary her need for adrenaline kicks is making her look forward to at least one bungee jump at the Victoria Falls. Her responsibilities include being the navigator, DJ, occasional singer and feeding the driver.



Fabian is 27 years old and from the north of Germany. His years of traveling in Australia made him change a lot and find his love for nature, animals and the outdoors. The wish to complete one last big trip without a tight time or money frame before starting his studies is one of the things that led to the destination Africa. He is responsible for fixing mechanical problems, driving, filming and taking photographs as well as desperately trying to catch fish for dinner.



We first met when we spent around three months in the same backpackers in Adelaide in 2009. After a little excursion to New Zealand Jasmine booked a flight back to Australia to arrive in Melbourne shortly after. Spending the first weeks living on the street in the Land Cruiser it became our first common home until today. When the Australian visas expired it was time to head back to Europe and start working in Norway to get new traveling funds. As the financial crisis finally also hit the ship yards we had to move to Germany to spend one summer working on the island Sylt in hospitality. After that followed a winter season in Switzerland until the saving finally came to an end and Africa was calling. In total we spent more than two years in 5 different countries saving almost exclusively for this trip.



Last but not least there is Norbert. He is not the chattiest fella in the world but luckily doesn’t complain too much either. He spends most of the time staring out of the window or sleeping but really starts to live up when a camera is pointed at him. Children love him even though some think him to be a pony instead of the unique creature he is. Norbert is very outgoing and makes friends wherever he goes so he got his own section in the blog to show off. Being created by Jasmine and Fabian he doesn’t really have a gender but will be referred to as a he anyway.