Etosha National Park and a break-in (June 2014)


Namibia – supermarkets, campsites, ATMs, good roads and few people. Feels almost a bit too much like holiday.

A couple of hours into the country and someone has already broken into the car on the parking lot of a supermarket. He went through everything and decided to take a camera backpack with him. We would have loved to see his face when he realized it was full of underwear and socks! 🙂 Not wanting to leave the car unattended again I had to go and buy underwear for myself and Jasmine which got me a lot of strange looks by the shop employees!

Etosha National Park was an absolute highlight for us. The only other time we had seen the expected African game was in Benin’s Penjari National Park. Since then most wildlife which hadn’t already been eaten was hanging from a stick at the side of the road to be sold for that exact purpose.

3 days, bitter cold nights and mornings and all day game drives rewarded us with the following sightings:

Giraffe, greater kudu, black faced impala, springbok, zebra, blue wildebeest, steenbok, hartebeest, oryx, warthog, ostrich, spotted hyeana, black-backed jackal, honey badger, striped mongoose, ground squirrel, cape fox, a myriad of birds, many elephants, 14 lions and several black rhinos! We had hoped to spot some cheetah and leopard but that’s complaining on a ridicilously high level. 🙂

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