Change of blog concept (August 2016)


Hey guys!

Just wanted to update you on the future of this blog. As you might have easily noticed update progress has been slow to non-existent lately. The website being hacked and used to send spam mails with even the backups infected also did not help. So now all the old content is back up and Angola will be the last country described in detail.

From now on there will be less text, more photos and the same amount of info for other travelers. 

Reasons for this are that I enjoy photography and collecting useful info much more than writing in a journal style. That means the latter takes the most amount of time, costs quite an effort to get to and is likely of interest to the least amount of visitors in comparison. Taking and editing photos comes a lot more natural to me and time spent on it feels more worthwhile. This also means that we will have to spend less days at campsites writing and uploading and more time actually traveling.

Apologies to anyone who followed our journal with interest so far but we will only report in less detail from now on and not stop alltogether.



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